Art Gallery in Visitor Center

The Maine Coastal Islands Art Gallery is housed upstairs at the National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center on 9 Water Street in Rockland, Maine.  All proceeds from purchases support the Friends of Maine Coastal Islands NWR.

Current Show (runs through November 26) 

Jordan Chalfant, Bar Harbor, with paintings reflecting the vitality of wildlife on Petit Manan Island; John Drury,

Clockwise from top left: Jordan Chalfant, Karen Talbot, John Drury, Ret Talbot

Vinalhaven, with photographs showing the dynamic diversity of things to see on and around the refuge islands; and Karen & Ret Talbot, Rockland, with scientific illustrations and photos that highlight marine fisheries and ocean conservation around the world.


Chalfant spent three years on Petit Manan Island, monitoring seabirds and helping with research studies, which inspired her art. “It was life changing (in a good way) to reside for months at a time on the tiny island with its thousands of inhabitants, all in tune with the wind, sea, moon, and tides– struggling to fulfill their ultimate purpose. Life and death, reproduction and predation, met each other with such intensity that at the end of the season, the only thing left to do was put a brush to it.” 


Drury has spent time on Petit Manan, Matinicus Rock and Seal Island – all refuge-owned islands.  He has been involved with bird research and helped haul people and gear to refuge islands over the span of 40 years. His photographs show the diversity of marine life on and around these islands.

The Talbot’s collaborate when it comes to oceans and especially ocean education and conservation. As a scientific illustrator and fine artist, Karen often draws her inspiration from the marine world, and as a writer and photographer, Ret covers marine fisheries at the intersection of science and sustainability. Their show will give a global perspective of our incredible oceans.

Monday – Friday 8:00 to 4:30, stop by the gallery to see our current installations.  The gallery also is open during special evening and weekend programs throughout the year.  Check our events for specific times. 

Some of the past artists who have shown at the Maine Coastal Islands Gallery include:

Michael Boardman, No. Yarmouth, Maine— Watercolor wildlife

Susan Beebe – Rockland, Maine, “Intimate Wilderness: Birds & Their Habitats” Paintings and Prints

Gordon Bok, Camden – Wood Carvings

Sharon Boody-Dean, Lincolnville – Acrylics on birch bark

Blaise Botti, Richmond, Maine – Photography

Pam Cabanas, Friendship, Maine – Fine Art

Annie Tiberio Cameron, Montpelier, Vermont – Fine Arts Photography

Keith Carver, Hadley, Massachusetts – Photography

Sandi Cirillo, Searsport, Maine – Fiber Arts

Julie Cyr, Belfast – Oil on canvas & wood

Lori Davis, Ellsworth, Maine – Photography

Karl Gerstenberger, Belfast, Maine – Photography

Janet Glatz, Durham, Maine– Watercolor & Acrylic

Ed Kenney, Owl’s Head, Maine – Fine Arts Photography

Jean Kigel, Waldoboro, Maine – Asian Brush & Watercolor

Meryl Henderson Learnihan, Catskill, New York – Fine Arts & Illustrations

Roxanne Miller, Bath, Maine – Fine Art – Botanical Specimens

Lisa Mossel Vietze, Appleton, Maine – Macro Photography

Beth Parks, Corea, Maine – Nature Photography

Mark Pilkington, California – Sculptor

Jean Ann Pollard, Winslow, Maine – Sculpted Acrylic Paintings

Kirk Rogers, Portland, Maine – Photography

Libbey Seigars, Whitefield PotteryWhitefield, Maine – Pottery

Sue Shane, Falmouth, Naturalist bird artist

Linda ShepardUnion, Maine – Fabric wall hangings

Doug Smith, Rockland, Maine – Fine Arts

Carl Solberg, Waldoboro, Maine – Wood Sculptures

Laurie Sproul, Canton, Maine – Floral Wood Sculpture & Design

Gwen Sylvester, Rockland, Maine –  Watercolors & Acrylics

Karen Talbot, Rockland, Maine – Scientific Illustrator & Fine Arts

Ret Talbot, Rockland, ME – Photography

Lynn Travis, Lincolnville – Paintings & drawings of flowers & landscapes

Leon Vanella, Newcastle, Maine—Photography

Laura Waller, Rockland, Maine – Water-based oils

John Wood, Rockland, Oils & Watercolors

Katharine Woodman-Maynard, Greenwood, Maine – Woodcut-style Paintings

Russell Wray – Hancock, Maine, Sculptor

Ray Yeager, Tom’s River, New Jersey – Photography

Sherrie York, Bristol – Printmaker 

Women Painters of Midcoast Maine & Friends