Our Board of Directors is made up individuals from many different industries and sectors in Maine. We pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse group of individuals that can contribute to the capacity of the organization and to the protection of seabirds and island habitat in many different facets. If you have an interest in joining us in this work, please contact us.

Board of Directors 2018

Chair: Carla Skinder – St. George

Carla resides in St. George with her dog, Hannah.  From 1971-81 she worked at the New England Aquarium where she ran the Marine Mammal Stranding program rescuing and recovering seals, dolphins and whales from Maine to Florida.  She also had the pleasure of taking care of Andre the seal.  After leaving the Aquarium she went on to get her degree at Simmons College in nursing and then attended Boston University for her Master of Public Health. While residing in NH she was a State Representative from 2006-2010 serving two years on Fish and Game. She has traveled extensively around the world photographing the magic of the natural world and is now enjoying the opportunity to share her photos with others.  Carla has done extensive volunteer work around the world, including Vietnam, Falkland Islands, Zimbabwe, Thailand, South Africa, and Morocco.

Vice-Chair: Penney Read, Tenants Harbor

Penney is an island homeowner, dedicated to preserving our natural resources for research, recreation, and especially for future generations. Penney is a real estate professional with years of non-profit fundraising experience. She loves the outdoor activities that are easily accessible year-round in the mid-coast, especially hiking, skiing, fly fishing, and kayaking.

Treasurer: Jeanne Pipicello, Owls Head

Jeanne retired as a administrative assistant for the Knox-Lincoln County Office of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service.  She appreciates nature and art, and enjoys traveling and reading.  


Board Members

Kevin Adams, Round Pond

Kevin Adams is a retired career employee with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  His work in natural resource law enforcement took him to duty stations in six states and the Service’s headquarters office.  He worked extensively on migratory bird, endangered species, and marine mammal investigations across the United States and internationally.  Kevin and his wife, Carol volunteer for the Friends of Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge and live in Round Pond, Maine.

Pam Bryer, PhD, Rockland

Pam’s first environmental volunteerism started 27 years ago at a state park in her home state of New Hampshire. This early experience eventually led to a B.A. and M.S. from the University of Maine in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology from Texas Tech University. Throughout her career she has participated in research on topics ranging from animal behavior and welfare, toxicity of soil polluted from ore smelting, tide-pool ecology, and aquatic systems responses to parking lot run-off. She also holds the distinction of having worked for both Greenpeace and Koch Industries. Pam Bryer currently lives in Rockland, Maine.

Don Johnson, Rockland

Don Johnson has an extensive background in philanthropy and development.  He co-founded Johnson Grossnicle Associates in Indiana, which offers strategic philanthropic consulting for non-profits. He has worked with many groups in Maine and across the country as a consultant.  He was a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force, Director of Development at MIT and Vice President of the Cleveland Clinic.  He also has authored articles on fundraising. Don now enjoys his retirement in Rockland, with his wife and dogs and six grandchildren.