Maine Coastal Islands NWR Visitor Center

Located at 9 Water Street, Rockland, Maine

As of June23, the Maine Coastal Islands Visitor Center and Headquarters in Rockland is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays.  

Wednesday, October 20, 6:30 p.m. 

We start our monthly series for the 2021-22 theme of “Our Extraordinary Islands,” with hearing what it’s like living in a seabird colony.

Living in a Seabird Colony

Join island technicians, Caitlin Walker and Joe Cleaves, to hear stories about living on Metinic Island and Petit Manan Island during the summer seabird season.  These technicians worked for the Maine Coastal Islands NWR and spent 11 weeks on the islands, studying and protecting these birds.  Hear about how their season went from what started as an incredibly productive nesting season to one of the worst seasons.  Learn what daily life is like, and hear some stories about their personal highlights.

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Bird Time on the Coast

Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) and Friends of Maine Coastal Islands (FOMCI) NWR are proud to sponsor the bird watching series, “Bird Time on the Coast”. This series includes local bird experts who are knowledgeable about birds in our area, and will lead trips to some of their favorite bird hotspots along the coast of Maine. Bird Time on the Coast is open to all birdwatching abilities from beginners to advanced.

Our final walks for the year will take you through fall migration.

Click here for a full description of each walk and the registration links:

Fall Migration Bird Walks

"Surf on Smutty Nose" by Sally Loughridge and "Sea Duck" by Marnie Sinclair

Maine Coastal Islands Art Exhibit 

Until October 27, 2021

Maine Coastal Islands Art Gallery features three shows focusing on climate change.    The art gallery managed by the Friends Group provides visual stories to complement the work of this refuge and to compel people to be inspired and take action in caring for our natural environment.

The three shows are:

“Home Place” – This show partners the artwork of environmental artist and activist Marnie Sinclair and that of landscape artist Sally Loughridge. Loughridge’s paintings depict natural habitats in Maine, which are home to the animals and birds that Sinclair sculpts from wire and other materials. This pairing of habitat paintings and sculptures of the resident creatures, reflects the grace, power, and diversity that exists in nature. Understanding the importance of this natural balance, the artists embrace FOMCI’s work to raise awareness about the catastrophic consequences of leaving climate change unaddressed.

“Data Reflections” – Scientist and artist, Jill Pelto. Pelto is an artist and scientist whose work focuses on communicating human-environment connections. By incorporating scientific research and data into watercolor paintings, she weaves visual narratives that reveal the benefits and costs of human impacts on this planet.

“Maine Artists with a Message – Climate Change” – Selections from past art show participants will illuminate the effects of, and personal perceptions associated with this vast environmental threat. Artists include Roberta Baumann, Gail Karlsson, Karen Kulberg and Sherry Dec.

All art sales support both the artists and the Friends’ group.

Because of COVID-19, we will not being doing our Seabird Cruise to Petit Manan Island this July 2021.  We have rescheduled for Sunday, July 10, 2022 when it will be safe for all to participate in this fundraising event.